10 reasons why you shouldn’t learn martial arts. 

When it comes to martial arts., different people have different views. Those who are uneducated and unaware of the topics will give the most negative opinion. The reason for their negative review is mainly their lack of knowledge and their apathy. Their ignorance is what makes them harder to reach and explain. These are the kind of people who can’t learn martial arts, even though they should.

Let me go through why they shouldn’t learn martial arts.

1. Ignorance

They are so lost in their version of the reality that if anything new knocks in their door they tend to shut it down. They will not consciously try to open themselves up to new experience.

2. Lack of physical fitness

This may sound contradictory but let me explain. People get into martial arts to get in shape, but there are those who will never do anything about their physical fitness. When these unfit people are proposed the idea of working out or getting in shape they tend to give excuses or run away from it. These are one of the kind of people who should not learn martial arts. They just don’t have it in them.

3. Lack of motivation

Almost everyone I have met and trained in the art of Taekwon-Do, came to me with a purpose. They came to me with a goal; either to help their society, empowering themselves, gain self confidence, lose weight or get fit. The key word here is goal. They didn’t simply wish for it, they took a step towards their want. Now there are these people who I have met, who has been telling me an year or two,that they always wanted to learn martial arts. That’s it, that is a far as they go. Wanting to learn it and nothing, even though they live just a few miles from the dojo.

4. Lack of discipline

There are people who actually got out of their way and did join a martial arts school but never stick to it long enough to gain any value from it. Reason? Their lack of discipline. I have had a student who did just one class after admission and I have never seen him ever since. He kept on piling up on excuses.

5. Ego

People with ego are the worst kind to be honest. Reason for their being in the worst category is their attitude. Either they think they are better than everyone in class or they think they are better than the instructor. Their superiority complex is what prevents them from actually learning a thing or two.

6. Expecting too much in very little time.

These are the Flash(es) in our society. They think it is possible to get a black belt in 3 months and master the art within this time frame. Whether it’s their stupidity or their way of thinking, what rational human being can possibly think about mastering an art within 3 months!? When confronted with the reality, they quit before they even starts. These are the stupids of our society. Even when they are educated about the discipline they still chose to learn a thing or two.

7. Lack of patience

If I had a dollar $ for every time I see a student of martial arts who lacks patience, I would have been a millionaire. Alright, not a millionaire but I would have had quite some money 😉 These people do join the school just like the person with no discipline, they too end up not sticking to it. They always wants something new to learn even though their forms and techniques are horrible and unusable. Their lack of awareness about their techniques is seen by other but still they are oblivious.

The key in martial arts is repetition. You have only four limbs, you can only have so many techniques. Repetition builds muscle memory and you get better.

8. Lazy people

They are just simply lazy. They have accepted their fate and chose to live with their lazy ass. No amount of preaching can get these couch potatoes to start a life of fitness.

9. People who doesn’t wanna change

This is mix between people with apathy and laziness. Their inability to change their way of living  comes from their ignorance.

10. People who lacks manners

A martial art training area is considered a sacred ground. This is the place where manner and ethics bloom and is shared by everyone regardless of their age and gender. Everyone respects their older fellow students and senior ranks regardless of their age. There are people who lack manners who refuse to address their senior rank with respect because they are younger than them. These people who doesn’t respect others can never prosper and many a time is suspended from the martial arts schools. Respect people regardless of their age, gender, race, social class and religion.

It doesn’t cost anything to become a better human being. It may cost you your pride.

There you have it, 10 reasons why you shouldn’t learn martial arts. 

What’s your excuse?

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