8 Amazing Reasons Why Women Should Learn Martial Arts.

Ladies, whether you admit it or not, at some point in your life you have felt small or weak, where you stayed quiet, couldn’t say or do anything at that point.

Do you want to be confident and fearless? – Pick up martial arts and train regularly. Don’t forget proper diet and adequate rest!

Still need more reason to pursue martial arts? Keep on reading then!

1. It teaches you self defense

This could be “THE BEST REASON”. What better reason do you need, when learning martial arts teaches you how to defend yourself from some dangerous situations. Your safety and security should be your number one concern, and carrying weapon (even though it’s not legal in Bangladesh) won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to wield it! Having the knowledge to save yourself or someone else should be considered an asset.

2. It makes you more confident

Having the knowledge of self defense will instantly boost your self confidence! Why? Because now you have the knowledge to successfully fend of attackers. It’ll make you more relaxed and eased. You’ll experience a new level of power.

3. You start getting in shape and loose that excess fat.

Martial arts classes may not be a walk in the park, but all the effort you will give in the class and your home, all the repetitive movement will not only make you strong and lean, it will shed all the excess fat out of your body slowly over the long run. All the hard work you put into it will reward you with an amazing physique which the special someone in your life will admire.

Did you know an hour of Taekwon-Do can burn up to 1000 calorie?

4. Your body language changes, you look like a woman with power.

Your new training regimen, new lifestyle, new physique will have a positive effect on your body postures. You’ll stand tall and walk like the woman in charge. Not only will you look fit, you’ll feel fit and strong!

This is the self confidence that people will see in the new you!

“Spending on self improvement is never an expense but an investment.” – Minhaz Remo

5. You’ll make some awesome friends.

In a martial arts class, you’ll meet an array of people from different background. Everyone has something to teach. You may meet a lot of different people but all of them share the same goal, to be a weapon.

You’ll brush up on your social skills, since you have to constantly be in contact with your coach or fellow martial artist!

6. It teaches you discipline

Martial arts require a huge amount of dedication, if you want to master it. There is no end to learning. This new lifestyle and routine will snap you into a more disciplined lifestyle, where you maintain your diet, training, and every other habit.

7. It teaches you mental toughness

Patience is the number one thing you’ll learn, after every time you fall. You’ll learn to be persistent, never to give up and mastering failure.

8. It’s a great stress reliever.

All the butt kicking and sparring will regulate all your stress, and keep you calm and relaxed in your hectic lifestyle. Not only will you learn to deal with frustration from few failures, you’ll learn how to deal with it.


I just scratched the surface. There are many other reason to pursue it.  The takeaway here is that martial arts will make a better version of you with all the discipline and philosophical teaching. It’ll empower you and make you stronger both internally and externally!

Are you ready to be the strongest and healthiest version of yourself?   Learn more.

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