8 Easy Tips To Lose Weight During Ramadan In a Healthy Way

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, it teaches us discipline, endurance, patience and resilience. With so much to learn from these 30 days, yet we forget to be disciplined about or health. Most importantly we neglect the food we eat during these period, which actually does more harm then good. We neglect our health, and we end up gaining a lot of weight.

Here are 8 easy to follow tips for you guys to lose weight during Ramadan.


Tip 1 – Avoid All junk Food

The month of discipline makes us so indiscipline with our diet, that it is really shameful. We indulge in foods which are soaked in oil, packed with sugar, fried to the last inch of its existence. We eat wherever we can, what we can. So, we must avoid junk food at all cost. Since most of our meals will be after sunset, having junk food after sunset makes you gain weight faster.


Tip 2 – Don’t eat Sehri or Iftar at a restaurant

A common practice these days is to form a pack and run to nearest restaurant for breaking the fast. In restaurants food are made to be tasty, and in most of them they are tasty because those contain a lot of calories and barrels of oil. They do not usually have the best intention at heart when making food, but their intention is to delight your taste buds, so eat carefully. Now what if you have no other options. ☹


Tip 3 – Carry your own food for Iftar

This way you can avoid restaurant and all the junk food, just a few minutes of preparation at the start of the day and you are golden my friend!

Tip 4 – Drink plenty of water

Due to hectic work and lifestyle, specially when fasting makes us very dehydrated. Hydration is extremely necessary specially after Iftar. So, as soon as you break your fast make sure you drink plenty of water to fill up your mark for the day. Water helps clear our bodies and cells, they help flush out fat and harmful toxins from our body, so stay hydrated!

Tip 5 – Maintain your calories

During Iftar we tend to eat more than we actually can handle, which is a problem. During the month of Ramadan this habit makes us eat more than we used to in other months. So, we need to make sure that our food and calorie intake is same as before the Ramadan. Change in calorie input and output is equal to change in weight, remember that.

Tip 6 – Get some movement or exercise

If you are already overweight, you need to increase your work output to lose those stubborn fat. I get it you will be tired after work and fasting but that’s why I recommend doing something you love! Could be dancing, working out, yoga, martial arts, football, badminton etc. Do whatever makes you feel energize. 30 minutes a day will suffice.


Tip 7 – Ramadan is not an excuse to be lazy

It is seen often that, many of us lie around if we get the chance to. We avoid any kind of activity because that seems just right and put less pressure on our bodies. This is a month of test, patience, endurance and resilience, God never instructed us to be lazy, our daily life shouldn’t change. We should in fact use the stairs, take a cycle, walk to work or do any other such activities that will give us some exercises. Sitting around may be fun but paying the medical bills when you are sick from being overweight isn’t.

Tip 8 – Eat healthy food

You could make sure that you are eating plenty of carbs for energy form whole food like brown rice, brown breads, oats. Eat healthy fat like olive oil, peanut butter, fish oil for better hormonal regulations. Eat proteins like chicken, red meat, fish, and milk for muscle maintenance. Ling story short, fruits , vegetables, and other healthy alternatives.


There you have it, 8 simple ways to lose weight during the month of Ramadan. If you have found it useful, please pass it along and share it with your friends and family.

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