So, who am I?

I am someone, who at one point in his life got tired of people pushing him around and decided to never feel that way again. I am someone who has decided to do something about the bully's in his life. Someone who has decided to stand up for himself and others.

As for as my credentials, I am Minhaz Remo, a martial artist, personal trainer and a martial arts instructor and the first person to start making online self-defense tutorial videos in Bangladesh. I am also one of the youngest assistant instructor in Bangladesh International Taekwon-Do Federation (BITF) which is part of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), currently holding an International Black Belt in Taekwon-Do and also a few times National Champion. One of my main mission is to empower the youth  to stand up for themselves, specially the women.

Beside martial arts, I’m a student of North South University studying Bachelors in Business Administration; majoring in Marketing and Human Resources, a devoted brother, son and a loyal friend. I love to learn new things, no matter how peculiar or strange it is, have a good taste in music too. Even though I listen to almost all kind of music my favorite bands are Disturbed, Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and many others.

You can always knock me up in my Facebook if you have a similar taste in music or just want to say Hi! You can get me here

One of the many things that I like to do in my spare time is to read. I am also a self-taught painter and had my fair share of music lessons. I also love animals. I used to have a cat!


"One of my main mission is to empower the youth in Bangladesh to stand up for themselves."  -  Minhaz Remo


A little background on how I got into martial arts.

As a child, I was introduced to martial arts by my uncle. I started with Kung Fu but didn’t continue. At the age of 15 I found myself constantly being bullied by some of the kids in my coaching center, despite being an introvert at that time with destructive anger issues, I couldn’t do much. I was smaller and underweight.

One day I stumbled upon a poster about Taekwon-Do and I decided to contact them. I was received by Master Solaiman Sikder, currently my mentor. Having anger issue, I knew my parents wouldn’t allow me to join any martial art school. So, I decided to sneak out to get admitted into the federation but my mom eventually found out, then she herself got me admitted to the federation.

This is pretty much where my official journey with martial arts started. I have also picked up a few skills here and there because of my astronomical curiosity.

Why did I decide to teach people martial arts?

 At 2015 Pohela Baishak, I stumbled upon a video in Facebook where some girls have been dehumanized publicly in TSC. The mere glimpse of that atrocious video brought tears to my eyes. For few days, I was in constant torture thinking about what those girls went through.

Heavily influenced by super heroes like Batman I considered the possibility of being a vigilante. Even went far enough to make mask to save someone in need by hiding my identity. I know, I know, CRAZY! I just wanted everyone to be safe, specially the girls of our society. Not because they are fragile or can’t take care of themselves, it’s because they are the most important part of our society, and the glue that hold the society together.

I have then decided to share my skills of martial arts with everyone and started my own school in 2015 October. 


Why do I make online videos and blogs?

In 2016, once again I stumbled upon a video of a girl named Khadija being hacked to death by a guy in broad daylight in Sylhet. Before that another girl was found dead, dehumanized. With all these attempted murder and violation of human right made me realize that I am not helping as much people as I could. So, I have started my online self-defense series to help more people like YOU!

You can start watching my online tutorials right here!

I was also featured in New Age Youth as an Icon for my passion in the art and for my desire to help others.