Self Defense for Harassment in Public Transports

Public Transport is very helpful to many of us for everyday commute. Many a times, these very helpful mode of transportation is where a lot of people get harassed, specially women. Below is the tutorial which explains in details what you need to do, when someone harasses or bullies you in a public transport.  Grab […]

8 Easy Tips To Lose Weight During Ramadan In a Healthy Way

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, it teaches us discipline, endurance, patience and resilience. With so much to learn from these 30 days, yet we forget to be disciplined about or health. Most importantly we neglect the food we eat during these period, which actually does more harm then good. We neglect our health, […]

Hair Grab Self Defense

You love your hair? Of course you do. Now imagine yourself without it. Yikes! Alright now that graphic image should be in your head; I’ll take a moment of silence for those of us who doesn’t have the luxury to use this technique like myself. Now that the joke is out of the way lets […]

10 reasons why you shouldn’t learn martial arts. 

When it comes to martial arts., different people have different views. Those who are uneducated and unaware of the topics will give the most negative opinion. The reason for their negative review is mainly their lack of knowledge and their apathy. Their ignorance is what makes them harder to reach and explain. These are the […]