Hair Grab Self Defense

You love your hair? Of course you do. Now imagine yourself without it. Yikes! Alright now that graphic image should be in your head; I’ll take a moment of silence for those of us who doesn’t have the luxury to use this technique like myself. Now that the joke is out of the way lets get down to business! 

Getting your hair yanked out of your head isn’t something you would like now would you?
In any kind of street brawl, street fight, cat-fight or heck even in domestic violence it is a very common issue. It is more common than the common cold in many cases. So, I believe that everyone must know how to disarm themselves, if they ever to find themselves in these kind of situations. The easy to understand 5 minute tutorial has a step by step action plan to guide you through learning and mastering the process. So, grab a pen and paper, and also your younger sibling or your friend to try these moves on them and learn it quick an easy. 😉

Remember – 

  • Always make sure you secure your hair first and don’t pull your head.
  • Rapid action is the key, because the scalp is a sensitive place and can cause some serious damage

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