Titans Academy – Martial Arts School

Class Schedule: Friday and Saturday (Morning Batch) Weekdays Afternoon and Evening Batch
Things You Can Expect to Learn & benefit after joining the Academy / Martial Art School


Taekwon-Do Start from the White Belt, learn your way to Black Belt.
Self Defense Learn different ways to defend yourself from everyday situations.
Self Confidence Boost your self-confidence with a new lifestyle.
Lose Weight Lose the stubborn body fat, and build an athletic body.
Get Stronger Get stronger with repeated movements, increase your ability to do a wide array of tasks.
Fitness Improve your physical fitness, and get started on your way to a healthy lifestyle.
Fight Science Learn the science behind the martial arts and it’s techniques.
Moral and Ethics Learn the wisdom and teachings of Eastern Philosophy. Be a better human being.
Patience Learn to master your mind and patience.

Your Investment for Yourself: Admission 2,000 BDT, then Monthly 3,000 BDT

For Admission related inquiry – PleaseGet in Touch” or Call # 01705680731